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Graphics Lab Administrative Procedures


The information on this page was put together by Heather and Ada in an effort to clarify common administrative procedures in the Graphics Lab.

Our contact information is:

Heather Gentner
Stanford University
Gates Building 3B-368
Stanford, CA 94305

Ada Glucksman
Stanford University
Gates Building 3B-368
Stanford, CA 94305

We need receipts for everything that you expect to be reimbursed for!
A valid receipt must show the final payment amount and the method of payment.
If you do not have a valid receipt, then I will need a copy of the credit card statement that reflects the charge

THIS IS NEW!!! We now have to adhere to a 60 day reimbursement period. Reimbursements must be in the system and fully approved within 60 days of the end of travel or of the receipt date. Reimbursements submitted after 60 days will still be reimbursed, but it will be tax-reportable income to you! Please get your receipts to us immediately. Do not wait!

Bring all receipts to Heather or Ada (in Gates 368). If you can't catch us in our office, you may leave your receipts in our mailbox (in Gates 377). Be sure to leave us a note with your name, email, and the business purpose of the receipt. Without a valid receipt, you won't be reimbursed. Reimbursements under $150 are considered "petty cash." This method should take a couple weeks, and you will receive an email from us when it is ready to be picked up from our office. Reimbursements over $150 are submitted by us through Travel & Reimbursement. You will either be reimbursed with a real check or direct deposit. This method could take up to a month.

We cannot reimburse a merchandise receipt over $2499, instead the items must be ordered via our Procurement department. You will need to obtain a quote and then we must submit a purchase order to our buyers. Please see the section marked "Purchasing."

For travel reimbursements, please see the section marked "Travel." You will be expected to complete a reimbursement form. You will no longer be reimbursed without this form.

For food reimbursements, bring us the itemized receipt as well as a list of attendees and business purpose. Next time make arrangements to borrow the lab purchasing card from Heather! Please note that we cannot reimburse a tip amount more than 18% at a restaurant. Tips on food delivery are ok, however, please cap the tip at $10 - generally, there is a delivery fee already worked into the total.

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